Let the Sunlight In

What good are high performance windows if the frames are so big and the glass is so dark you can barely see outside your home. Don’t let the most energy efficient window in the world stand between you and the outdoors. After all, that is why you have windows, to let the light in and enjoy the view. We can tell you how much visibility you will have with every individual window you order from us - just ask.


The amount of light a window lets through.

Our Window’s Visibility Attributes

Narrow Frames: Narrow but strong. Rather than increasing the frame size for added strength we put fiberglass inside the meeting rails to add strength. This leaves the frame size smaller for maximum visibility.

Sil Lock Sloped Sill: Windows with Sil Lock sloped sill design encroach less on the glass space at the bottom part of the window. Yet they still score superb in water and wind capacity tests.

HP Glass: Although our glass has a multi-layer defense against radiation it has been specially formulated for minimal tinting.

Visibility Numbers

The Visibility number is measured on a scale of 0 to 1. The higher the Visibility number the more light you see. The number is a percentage. So a Visibility of .50 means 50% of outdoor light is entering your home. As seen in the picture above, the frame blocks almost 40% of the visibility depending on the size of the window. Adding glass dividers will block an additional 4 to 11 percent of your visibility. Low-e glass coatings will reduce Visibility as well. Beware of window companies that measure the center of the glass. These numbers will be higher but you are not buying just the center of the glass, you are buying an entire window. Our numbers represent the entire window -including the frame.

Does High Performance Glass Look Blue or Tinted?

Technology has improved greatly. Low-E coatings at one time had a blue hue, especially from outside your home. You rarely see that now. Although Low-E coatings do have a tint to them, the tint is much less than in the old days and many people don't notice any tint at all.